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We at West End Radiators are dedicated to providing the best maintenance and repair for our clients, and we’re always happy to get feedback on our workmanship and customer service.

Please take a moment to read through these customer testimonials, and contact us to let us know about your experience with West End Radiators.

“We have been dealing with West End Radiators for over 10 years now. The level of service we receive from them is second to none.”

Tereck Diesel Ltd. 

“We have been dealing with West End Radiators for over 30 years now. Their level of service is second to none. Many of the trucks we service are used on Manitoba’s northern winter roads. The conditions these trucks face are as extreme as it can get. Our customers demand the best quality and fast turn around times and we get them both from West End. Thank you for so many years of quality service!”

Oak Point Service 

“We at PBX Truck Service would like to take the time to say “thank you” to all the wonderful staff at West End Radiator. Whether it’s buying a new radiator or having one re-conditioned, in the past 15+ years that we have been dealing with your company, the service has been outstanding and the timely and cost-efficient service you provide is excellent.”

PBX Truck Service